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About Us


At Sunshine Citrus we are also committed to the environment and sustainability of our operations.  


We do not use chemicals that are going to be harmful to the environment or us or that may effect the wildlife either on our property or in the local community.  Sure, we do spray our plants for “nasties” such as Citrus Leaf Miner, Mealy Bugs and Aphids, however we only use horticultural oils and seaweed solutions that will have no effect on the other hard workers in the nursery such and the frogs and small birds that eat the pests.


The nursery is operated on organic principles that include the use of a IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system that encourages useful predators into the nursery such as insects and birds to control the unwanted pests such as aphids and grasshoppers. 


We are also very aware of how precious our water resources are - even in the Kin Kin valley where at times we receive “too much” water.  Because of this we recycle all our water from the nursery and the property via sedimentation and reed beds to filter out any top soil or nutrients before returning the water to our dam. 


Who are we?


Sunshine Citrus is a citrus production nursery located in the hinterland of the northern Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


We are suppliers of quality containerised citrus plants to the horticulture and retail nursery industries throughout Queensland.


As a full production nursery we control the entire production process from the growing of the rootstock, the budding of nearly three dozen different varieties of citrus and the growing of a quality tree ready to plant and thrive.


Our nursery is committed to best practise and as such we are members of the NGIQ (Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland) and its parent body the NGIA.



Production Nursery

As a production nursery we are not structured to sell direct to the public however, we have many retail nurseries throughout Queensland that sell our stock.

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