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Commercial Growers

For commercial growers our aim is to make the process of growing your orchard as simple as possible with the following steps:



Citrus Variety

What variety of citrus do you want to grow?




What rootstock is best for that variety and your local area?




Contact us, place an order and we'll take care of the rest. Simple

Due to high demand, it is not always possible to provide commercial quantities of a given variety of citrus (on a particular rootstock) at any one time without having placed an order.


To ensure you get the healthiest, best producing and ultimately most cost-effective citrus tree available you need to match up the variety of citrus you want to grow along with the correct rootstock best suited for your local area.  Please refer to the 'Rootstock' page of our site for more details.


For Queensland Commercial Growers we will have the following rootstock varieties available that we will be budding in Spring / Summer 2024

  • Cox

  • Swingle

  • Trifoliata 


If you wish to reserve any of this rootstock and place an order please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Commercial Growers, please be aware that due to NSW Department of Primary Industry regulations the movement of all citrus from Queensland into or through NSW is not permitted and therefore we can not supply citrus outside of Queensland.

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